Patient Feedback

I have been having treatment from Julie for almost two years. My first treatment I was a little nervous but as soon as I walked through the door Julie put me at ease with her friendly and professional manner. She explained the treatment and showed me the needles which were very fine and explained what would happen during and after the treatment. I felt really relaxed during the treatment and felt great after. I am continuing to have top up treatments which keep my anxiety and stress at bay.
Thanks Julie for all your care and attention I would definitely recommend you to everyone X

Louise B

I had acupuncture treatment with Julie for a bad back. First let me explain that I was in a great deal of pain due to my job as a builder and tried everything from physio to massage nothing helped. After four sessions with Julie my back felt fantastic and gradually got back to normal. I now look forward to having top up treatments and our little chats and would 100% recommend Julie.


I first had the pleasure of meeting Julie ten years ago after my friend recommended her to me. She has been treating me for my IBS and stress symptoms and has made me feel so much better in myself. I don't know how I would have coped and functioned without her. I would regard her as a friend now and she has since treated many family members who all look forward to their top up treatments. Thanks Julie

Rebecca Wills



Patient Feedback

Great friendly, professional service. Felt relaxed and calm for days after treatment my insomnia was much improved. Thank you so much Julie you are a star, much love.


Julie has treated myself and my wife for arthritis for many years. She usually treats us both at home together. She is so easy to talk to and we feel really comfortable and at ease with her. I am eternally grateful for what she has done for us. The pain is more managable and stress levels have lowered a great deal. Thanks so much for your care and hope that we can continue with your fabulous treatment for the coming years.

Peter C

Thanks Julie for making my dream come true and looking after me during my IVF treatment. I can only put it down to your wonderful care during acupuncture and making me feel strong and positive for the future. My little boy is now six month old. Thank you so much once again.




Patient Feedback

Thanks for being fantastic during my IVF treatment. I wouldn't have been able to stand the stress with my hormones all over the place if it wasn't for you. Touch wood everythings going well with my pregnancy and I look forward to continuing my treatments with you. xx

Paula D

I had never had acupuncture before but suffered with terrible mood swings, fatigue etc. I couldn't function at work through lack of sleep and bad diet. Then somebody suggested acupuncture and I can honestly say it's the best thing I've ever had. I feel so much better and my mood swings have improved and sleep and energy levels much better. Even my husband is so much happier. Thanks Julie for all your wonderful treatment and for being a friend to me as well. I would not hesitate to recommend Julie to anyone.


I suffered from Golfers elbow and went to see Julie. I had three sessions and was back to playing my favourite pastime. Brilliant thank you.


I go to see Julie once a month usually just to let off steam. Her treatment really helps with my life issues and general wellbeing and the fact that somebody is really listening to you and understands is an added bonus. I will definitely keep up with acupuncture as it has amazing effects.


I have suffered from depression for many years, most of it down to life circumstances. Antidepressants helped a little but had stopped working. After discussion with my GP he suggested trying acupuncture I found Julie on the Britsh acupuncture website. After several sessions I started to feel better in myself and was able to focus on what was important in life. With Julies help I have been able to meet new friends and join new clubs. I am so grateful for all you patience and understanding.